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PICTASCRIPT - Bible Based Quick Drawing Game


Product Code: GM0101
PICTASCRIPT - Bible based card game. Fun for adults and children. This Bible based game has been designed to be great fun, and let you learn at the same time! A team game, great for groups of friends, or for during family study/worship. Two or more teams play to draw and guess the word or phrase on the selected card.

PICTASCRIPT has been thoroughly and carefully designed to be great fun for a wide range of ages. Each "difficulty" (Easy, Medium, Hard and Extra Hard), has a wide range of fun and interesting words to draw and guess.

Features of PICTASCRIPT:
  • Great fun for gatherings or family study/worship
  • Over 50 cards (200 words & phrases in total)
  • 4 difficulty levels from Easy to Extra-Hard
  • For Adults and Children 4+ / For 3 or more players
  • Professional quality cards
  • Full colour throughout
  • Glossy box
  • High quality
  • Guaranteed fun!

  • The EASY section contains words such as "Dove", "Goliath", "Noah's Ark", etc (50 in total).
    The MEDIUM section contains words such as "Joy", "Vineyard", "Manna", etc (50 in total).
    The HARD section contains words such as "Prophet", "Absalom", "Carob Pod", etc (50 in total).
    The EXTRA HARD section (for very very brave ones!) contains words such as "Buckler", "Three Taverns", "Dagon", "Ephod", etc (50 in total).
    Each level is designed to be fun, but also to enable everyone to learn new things with the help of the scripture reference to look up. You can decide which difficulty level to play at before starting each game.

    How to play PICTASCRIPT:
  • For 3 or more players
  • For ages 4 upwards
  • 4 Difficulty levels for wide range of ages/drawing levels etc
  • Each word/phrase has a quoted scripture for reference

  • PICTASCRIPT can be played by 3 or more people*.

    You need: This PICTASCRIPT pack. Pencils. Paper. You may need a timer (a mobile phone or watch). Time for each turn is 60 seconds. The winning team is the first to win a total of 10 turns.

    Teams: Create 2 teams. Decide which team will start. Each team member takes turns drawing. The Drawer mustn’t talk or draw letters/numbers. “Word Cards”: There are 50 Word Cards. Each Word Card has 4 difficulty levels. “Level Cards”: There are 4 Level Cards, one for each difficulty level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Extra Hard). Level Cards are used to randomly select a difficulty level for each turn.

    Starting the Game: Remove the 4 Level Cards, and shuffle the Word Cards. Place the Word Cards face down in a pile.
    Decide which difficulty level(s) you wish to play at (e.g. Medium & Hard). Take these Level Cards and place them face down in a separate pile. Put to one side any other Level Cards you don’t wish to play at (e.g. Easy & Extra Hard). You won’t need the Level Cards if you choose to play at just one difficulty level (e.g. Easy).

    To randomly select a difficulty for each new turn, shuffle and pick from the selected Level Cards at the start of each turn.
    If you do not have a stop watch or timer, or wish to have a more fast paced game, you can have all teams draw at the same time on every turn.

    Playing the Game: The first Drawer of the starting team picks a card from the top of the shuffled deck of Word Cards. On that team, only the Drawer must look at the Word Card. If all teams are drawing at once, the Drawers of the other teams should look at the Word Card also.

    When ready, the timer should start, and the Drawer should start drawing a representation of the word/phrase on the Word Card.

    If the team correctly guess the picture within the time limit (or, if all teams are drawing, the first team to guess the picture), that team wins that turn. That team keeps the Word Card to track wins. The winning team of the last turn gets to go again. If that team wins 3 turns in a row, the next turn(s) will be played by all teams at once until a different team wins a round. If the team does not guess correctly within the time limit, it is the next team’s turn. Replace the Word Card to the bottom of the Word Card pile. Keep playing until a team has won 10 turns.

    *If four or more players are available, you can split into two teams, with each person in each team taking turns to draw. When only 3 players are available, create 2 “teams” of 1. These will guess only. The other person will be the drawer for the entire game. The ones guessing should guess every drawing.
    The box includes 55 cellophane wrapped cards, in an outer box. Pencils and paper are note included.

    Not suitable for children under 3 due to choke hazard (inc plastic outer wrapping)

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